Mouvement-planant ≈012 - Monade


Mouvement-planant ≈012 - Monade



Mouvement Planant Cloudcast ≈ 12 – Monade by Mouvement Planant on Mixcloud



1 – The track of awakening?

Philip Jeck – Pax from the LP “Stoke”. Is a really gentle track with his right times for me. Slow.

2 – The track more deep?

Brambles- In The Androgynous Dark from the LP “Charcoal”. No need comments.

3 – The best track in the open air?

Boards of Canada – Sick Times from the LP “Tomorrow’s Harvest”. Amp synths, groove and atmosphere.

4 – The best start for a track set?

Clara Moto – For the love we lost from the LP “Joy Departed”. Poetry.

5 – The love track?

Air – Playground Love from the soundtrack “The Virgin Suicides”. “You’re the piece of gold the flashes on my soul.

Extra time, on the ground. You’re my playground love”. And I told you everything…

6 – Music sofa when you smoke a join?

Michael Jackson – Thriller from the LP “Thriller”. But only if you make me see the video ahaha.

7 – The track  that best fits your musical universe has?

oh my god, I do not know and I do not want to offend anyone by making comparisons with my music haha. However, there are many artists who have influenced me especially Boards of Canada.

8 -  The track of Sunday?

Bill Evans – Peace piece from the LP  “Everybody Digs Bill Evans”. Sacred poetry.

9- The track with the most beautiful tablecloths (String)?

Max Richer – Luminous from the LP “Perfect Sense”. Adorable and touching. Strings that take you and make you touch the sky.

10 – The track of the moment?
Plaster – Xenax from the Ep “Soyuz”. I love the language glitch understand its structure and audio perfection, I am always looking for this kind of music.

11 – The chill out track ?
Mathias Delplanque – Fell from the album “Chutes”. Amazing feels.

12- The track of clouds to fall asleep?
Mùm – The Land Between Solar System from the LP“Finnally We Are No One”. Sssssh! Goodnight!

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